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At Downtown Community Acupuncture, we think the wonderful benefits of acupuncture should be accessible to everyone. Our sliding scale is $45-$70, with a one-time initial visit fee of $30. You decide what you can afford. We will not ask about your income. We want you to come in as often as you need to feel your best! DCA provides individualized acupuncture treatments, lifestyle recommendations, and herbal formulas.

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"DCA is amazing! I've seen both Laura and Jennifer several times and they are the most gentle and professional acupuncturists! They are genuinely interested in your wellbeing and take the time to help you out. It is so easy to make an appointment online and is conveniently located downtown with 75 minute parking spots all around. I would definitely recommend DCA to anyone who's looking for a great acupuncture experience."

~ Alexandra M.

Myth #1

'Acupuncture is Expensive'

Not true at DCA!

We make acupuncture affordable & accessible to everyone. Acupuncture is a people's medicine, meant to be available to the entire community.

Myth #2

'Needles Hurt'

Acupuncture is much more often than not a pleasant experience. Most people feel very relaxed during treatment. Sometimes, there is a brief feeling resembling a pinch when the needles are inserted, which quickly dissipates.

Myth #3

'Acupuncture Doesn't Work'

In addition to nearly 4,000 years of tried and true practice, acupuncture and other East Asian modalities continue to prove effective, as now also verified by the WHO & other health organizations worldwide.


Check out a list of recent and ongoing studies in the field by clicking here! 

Myth #4

'Quality is compromised in a community setting'

Acupuncturists at DCA still prioritize your wellness & safety, just like other clinics. The community setting typically allows patients more resting time than one-on-one appointments, affording you a potentially more spacious treatment. Regardless, we consider your time valuable and able to tailor timing to your needs.

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